Learning Important Injury Laws in Virginia

Personal injury in the state of Virginia is a broad term. Personal injury could involve a number of different scenarios such as medical malpractice,product liability,dog bites,car accidents,slip and fall injuries as well as workers compensation. All of these lawsuits are handled by the courts and https://lawyers.lawyerlegion.com/virginia/jonathan-e-halperin-10001155,however,each one a little differently.

Depending on the type of case that you are bringing forward,a different statute of limitations may apply. However,in most cases the standard statute of limitations of two years applies. The two years time frame starts from the date of your accident. Failure to file your lawsuits within the two-year period will mean that you are barred from filing a lawsuit. So it is absolutely imperative that you get your lawsuit filed as soon as possible.

If you plan on filing a lawsuit against the government entity,the procedure is slightly different. Before you are permitted to bring a lawsuit before the courts,you must first notify the government entity of your intention to file a lawsuit by submitting a formal notice. This notice must be in writing and must contain basic information regarding the lawsuit including the date and place that the accident occurred.

There are no damage caps placed on personal injury cases in Virginia except for medical malpractice lawsuits. These are capped at $2 million. When pursuing your personal injury lawsuit in the state of Virginia,remember that this is one of the few states that still abide by the comparative negligence law.

This basically means that if you are found to have contributed towards your injury,your compensation will be the reduced according to the percentage of liability you are responsible for.

If you would like to bring a personal injury lawsuit against someone,then you should hire ancar accident attorney and review the important injury laws in Virginia before you do so.

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